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Household stacked carp battery systems

The product mainly consists of high quality iron phosphate carp batteries and intelligent PDUs. When there is sufficient light during the day, the excess power generated from the rooftop photovoltaic system is deposited into the energy storage system, and then the power from the storage system is released at night to power the household load in order to achieve self-sufficiency in household energy management, which greatly enhances the economy of the new energy system. At the same time, in the event of a sudden grid outage/power failure, the energy storage system can take over the electricity demand of the whole house in time. With a single battery capacity of 5.32kwh and a total maximum battery stack capacity of 26.6kwh, it can not only be seamlessly connected to the main equipment such as photovoltaic power generation, but can also be used in conjunction with a UPS to provide a stable power supply for the household.

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