Energy storage will play an important role in the energy system

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  At present, global energy is moving in the direction of low and zero carbon, and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system is a powerful guarantee for China to achieve carbon neutrality and implement the new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation".

  China's oil and gas companies have a large oil area in the "Three Norths" region, which is rich in solar and wind energy resources. Accelerating the deployment of centralised and distributed wind and solar power generation in oil areas, promoting the electrification of oil and gas field terminals and achieving green power supply, is an important way to achieve clean alternatives. However, new energy generation is intermittent, random, volatile and seasonal, and large-scale access will pose a huge challenge to the safe and stable operation of the grid. Energy storage can effectively suppress new energy power fluctuations, promote balance between power and load, reduce wind and light abandonment, and is a key support technology for new energy power generation. China vigorously promotes scenery with storage, as of August 2022, nine provinces and municipalities have made clear requirements for scenery power generation with energy storage, with a ratio of 5%-30%.

  In addition to achieving energy storage, energy storage also has a variety of functions such as energy conversion, scheduling, supply and security, and has a wide range of application scenarios in the process of green development in the oil and gas industry. The centralised energy storage power station will become the core energy hub and can play a bridging role by closely integrating with new energy businesses such as wind power, photovoltaic power generation, geothermal power generation, hydrogen production from electrolytic water and fuel cell power generation; distributed and mobile wind and storage integrated technology can supply energy for field exploration, oil and gas field monitoring, drilling and completion, fracturing, downhole tools and other equipment, replace fuel oil and gas power generation and reduce carbon emissions; long-time thermal storage, electricity storage The technology will play the role of peak regulation and dispatching in the future comprehensive energy system, providing strong support for stable and safe energy supply.