1.286 million kilowatts! Ningxia's grid-side energy storage leads the country in grid-connected capacity

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  China Energy Storage Network: State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Co., Ltd. Zhongwei Power Supply Company provided data showing that as of May 26, Zhongwei grid has now been grid-connected energy storage power station 2, capacity 350MW/700MWh, has accumulated 81.978 million kWh of charging, discharge 68.355 million kWh, equivalent to 26,200 tons of standard coal generated, reduce 64,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

  Ningxia has accelerated the grid connection of energy storage power plants, and a series of energy storage projects have been grid-connected and put into operation. By the end of April, 16 energy storage power stations had been connected to the grid, with a total grid scale of 1.324 million kilowatts/2.653 million kilowatt hours, of which 1.286 million kilowatts of grid-side energy storage were connected to the grid, ranking first in the country. According to statistics, in the first four months of this year, Ningxia grid-side energy storage accumulated 196 million kilowatt hours of charging, 164 million kilowatt hours of discharging, a total of 112 calls, to enhance the utilization rate of new energy about 1.05 percentage points, the maximum increase in grid consumption capacity of 1.036 million kilowatts during the daytime new energy generation period, the maximum increase in peak capacity of 99 million kilowatts in the evening peak, to further increase the flexibility of the grid, and The role of energy storage in supporting electricity has been brought into play.

  By the end of June this year, Ningxia will add the first energy storage power station in Gannou, Ningdong and the first energy storage power station in Xinliang, Wuzhong. By then, all of Ningxia's grid-connected energy storage power stations will be able to meet the electricity consumption of 240,000 households for one day.