Ningxia accelerates the grid connection of energy storage plants to fully play the role of peak

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  China Energy Storage Network: Since December last year, Ningxia has accelerated the grid connection of energy storage power plants, including many large-scale energy storage power plants with a capacity of 100 megawatts, and has also given birth to a number of local energy storage power plants of the largest scale. A series of energy storage projects have been connected to the grid and put into operation, making Ningxia's installed energy storage scale the second largest in the country. By the end of April, Ningxia has been grid-connected energy storage power plant 16 grid-connected total scale of 1.324 million kilowatts / 2.653 million kilowatt hours, including grid-side energy storage grid capacity of 1.286 million kilowatts, ranking first in the country. According to statistics, from January to April 2023, Ningxia grid-side energy storage accumulated 196 million kWh of charging, 164 million kWh of discharging, and 112 calls, improving the utilization rate of new energy by about 1.05 percentage points, increasing the grid consumption capacity by a maximum of 1.036 million kW during the daytime when new energy is in full swing, and increasing the peak capacity by a maximum of 0.99 million kW during the evening peak, further increasing the grid This further increases the flexibility of the power grid and gives play to the role of energy storage in supporting electricity.

  Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in Ningxia has gradually risen, and the electricity load will continue to rise. As the first new energy demonstration area in China, Ningxia's installed new energy capacity has overtaken thermal power and has become the number one power source for the Ningxia grid. However, its intermittent, random and fluctuating characteristics not only make the new energy consumption pressure continue to increase, but also will bring greater pressure to meet the peak summer power supply work.

  Tian Hongliang, director of the main network planning department of the State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Development Department, said that the new energy storage is a flexible regulating resource with excellent performance and dual attributes of power and load, which can effectively alleviate the new energy consumption problem and play a "peak" role during the peak electricity consumption period to enhance the support capacity of the grid and ease the pressure to maintain supply.

  The development of energy storage is an important measure to enhance the flexibility and adjustability of the system and to improve the ability of the power supply to peak. On March 23 this year, the Ningxia Development and Reform Commission issued the "Ningxia" fourteen five "new energy storage development implementation plan", proposed to 2025 new energy storage installed capacity of 50 million kilowatts or more, the region's energy storage facilities capacity of no less than 10% of the installed capacity of new energy. State Grid Ningxia Electric Power actively promotes the planned commissioning of energy storage power plants to the grid on schedule, and the scale of energy storage in Ningxia is expected to reach 1.52 million kilowatts / 3.04 million kilowatt hours by the end of June. By then, all the grid-connected energy storage power plants can store 3.04 million kilowatts of electricity at one time, which can meet the ordinary electricity consumption of 240,000 residents for one day, calculated at 12.5 kilowatt hours/day per household in urban areas.

  At the same time, Ningxia, as an important base for China's "west-east power transmission", has completed and put into operation two DC transmission channels from Ningxia to Shandong and Zhejiang. Over the past ten years, the total amount of electricity sent out has exceeded 600 billion kilowatt hours. State Grid Ningxia Electric Power insists on the "two-way battle" to ensure the supply of electricity, while meeting the safety and stability of electricity consumption in the region, actively report and communicate with the government, and arrange for the energy storage power plants that have been put into operation to participate in the medium and long-term intergovernmental agreements between Ningxia and Zhejiang and other provinces for outward transmission, so as to serve the national power supply "a chessboard "The company is also actively reporting and communicating with the government to arrange for energy storage plants that have been connected to the grid to participate in medium and long-term government-to-government agreements with Zhejiang and other provinces for outward transmission, so as to serve the national power supply.