Green Energy Changing Lives

Hubei Smyth Industrial continuously develops new energy utilization technologies and products according to the market development needs. The company focuses on dry potassium battery energy storage PACK integration, household energy storage, domestic and foreign large-scale energy storage application scenario solutions, EPC system integration and operation and maintenance management, power engineering, photovoltaic power generation series products, UPS power supply and other products. It is a professional supplier of green energy and a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic power generation system, which is integrated with the design, installation, maintenance and R&D, production and sales of large-scale photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems in China.

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Corporate Mission

Heroes create myths.
Technology changes lives.


Courage to innovate and reform;

Courage to forge ahead and strive for excellence;


Business Philosophy

  • To be people-oriented and sincere in business;
  • Customer-oriented and peace-oriented;