International oil companies accelerate energy storage deployment

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  In the context of the "double carbon" target and global energy transition, China's oil companies should make full use of their own resource advantages and technical infrastructure, and draw on the practical experience of international oil companies in transition to accelerate the layout of the energy storage industry. The development path of energy storage technology should be sorted out according to key factors such as the classification of application scenarios, the applicability of energy storage technology types and the urgency of technical needs, taking into account a variety of new energy storage technology routes, breaking through technical bottlenecks, solving practical problems and developing energy storage equipment with independent intellectual property rights. The main recommendations are as follows: for mature lithium-ion batteries, advanced sodium-ion batteries and other technologies suitable for clean alternatives, it is recommended to adopt the acquisition or joint venture development model to quickly obtain products and promote their application; for energy storage technologies with exclusive development advantages, such as lithium materials development based on chemical raw materials, compressed air energy storage, thermal energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, etc., strengthen independent research and development, form special energy storage equipment and complete demonstration as soon as possible The company will also develop and reserve large-scale, long-term energy storage technologies that are highly safe, low-cost and environmentally friendly, so as to assume responsibility for energy security in the future renewable energy era.

  In addition to technology preference and development planning, oil companies should strengthen the construction of institutional mechanisms such as standard setting and operational supervision of energy storage technologies and products in the oil and gas industry. At present, the technical standard system for power storage has been initially established, but the technical standard for the safety of energy storage equipment used in oil and gas fields needs to be established urgently. Can draw on the chip industry through a special "packaging" enterprise to ensure the quality and safety of chip production experience, the establishment of a special energy storage safety testing and certification department, the implementation of safety standards-based certification mechanism to improve the oil and gas field industry energy storage equipment access threshold and product quality.

  China's oil companies to enter the energy storage market still need to find a good breakthrough, based on their own advantages to carry out research and development at the same time, with the help of external high-quality resources, the development of energy storage technology and equipment applicable to the oil and gas industry features, the establishment of sound use of norms, industry standards, regulatory system, pay attention to safety and sustainable development, make full use of the oil area photovoltaic, wind power, geothermal and other renewable energy, accelerate energy storage supporting new energy industry layout In addition, we will complete the clean replacement of energy used in oilfield production, promote low-carbon transformation development and help the country achieve the "double carbon" target.